We are the Johnson's from SE South Dakota

Our Longhorn addiction has three parts

Adolescence, Pre-Longhorns and Longhorn

Part 1:  (Adolescence) On a family trip as a young boy, I (Jon) became intrigued with longhorns after visiting a gift shop in the Black Hills, SD.  The gift shop had an entire wall dedicated to longhorn mounts.  With my whole $10 trip allowance, I purchased the largest mount that I could.  It was a whopping 20 3/4" TTT, I was hooked.

Part 2:  (Pre-longhorns) Fast forward to 1999.  I was fed up with living within city limits. With Cindy being a "Big City" girl, I had to convince her to purchase an acreage.  We found a small 12 1/2 acre farm site that had 12 outbuildings, and pastures over run with weeds.  First mission was to clean up the place.  7 of the outbuildings were burned and the remaining 5 needed to be cleaned out.  Fences needed to be ripped out and replaced as well as brush trimmed back. The first animals to set foot on our place was for pasture cleanup, a small flock of sheep.  The sheep did great, but my itch for a larger set of horns on the wall began to grow.

Part 3:  (Longhorn) My initial goal was to have a nice set of horns mounted on the wall in the house.  Again I had to convince Cindy that cattle are a good thing.  My argument was, buy a bull or steer calf, raise it for a couple years and then butcher it.  I would have meat in the freezer, and also a nicer set of horns to mount for the wall.  In 2002 after the sheep had done their job, I finally convinced Cindy to purchase a longhorn calf.  I started looking on the internet for longhorn breeders.  After doing some research, I quickly realized how wonderful and majestic these animals are.  I began to visualize some of these animals in my own pasture...one problem, I had the ok to purchase a bull or steer, not a heifer.  Back on my groveling knees I went.  Cindy said yes to a heifer.  From there, as they say, the rest is history.

We still remain on the 12 1/2 acre farm site, so there are limits as to how many cattle we can retain without feeding hay year round.  Our herd is small, but our quality is large.  We focus our efforts on having producing cows that we can utilize Artificial Insemination on the top bulls in the industry.  With recent purchases of "factory" foundation cows, we have started to dabble in the Embryo Transfer business.  We've come a long ways, but feel we have a long ways to go.

Thanks for visiting our site.  Most of our cattle are for sale even though they may not be on the For Sale tab.  We love talking longhorns, so feel free to drop us a line.

Jon, Cindy, Rebecca and Johnathan